Stellar® Range

Urban Restroom Design

Why Stellar®

The Stellar® range (also known as the Stellar® Proprietary Building System) is the result of 10 years of research and development by ASCO’s team of experts.

Each Stellar® restroom is manufactured in-house by a highly skilled team of fabricators. This ensures that ASCO has complete control over the design, fabrication, and build process.



All Stellar® amenities buildings are complaint with NCC/BCA codes and the Australian Standard Design for Access and Mobility Code (AS1428.1/2009).

All buildings within the range are certified by our engineer specific to your location, so you know it’s been designed and built to deliver a long-lasting, low maintenance investment.


Customisation Options

The Stellar® range can be fully customised to suit individual requirements and budgets.

Popular customisation options include;

  • Changing Places Compliant Fit-out (or facilities)
  • Public Showers
  • Change Rooms
  • Storage Area
  • Modesty Screens
  • Roof Design
  • Exterior and Interior Cladding
  • Floor Finish
  • Plumbing and Accessibility Fixtures
  • Sustainability Features

The Stellar® Range has been designed so it can be customised to suit your community, budget, and site requirements. Our facilities can be modified to be Changing Places compliant; this includes the whole process from design to certification. For more information on the Changing Places specifications, you can read our blog post here.



All Stellar® amenities buildings are fabricated in a controlled factory environment where quality can be closely monitored. The buildings arrive on site 100% assembled and only require connection.

This process limits on-site logistics reduces disruption and improves safety. The cost of installation is included in the quote.

Installation times are dependent on the site location and size of the facility being installed. Typically, it takes 5 business days for civil works (including pre-slab services, preparation and pouring of the concrete slab and footings) and a minimum of two days for placing the modular building and completing connections to services.


Flyer Downloads

Detailed shelter specifications and customisation options are included in the below downloadable product flyers.

You can view our Port Campbell project from our Stellar® range here

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