A Tip Top Job

The Omega™ Methodology has seen us work on some incredible projects over the years, the Tip Top project is no exception.

You would have seen some images from the Tip Top project on our social media platforms and our website, but you probably don’t know where it began and how we successfully executed the project.

Omega™ Tip Top Seats

The Tip Top project consisted of custom-designed furniture pieces for the redevelopment of the old Tip Top Bakery site in Brunswick, Victoria. The site saw a major redevelopment and now consists of luxury apartment buildings.

A bit of history

Established in 1939, Tip Top Brunswick East is the location of Melbourne’s oldest bakery. The site was originally known as the Northern Bakeries and later changed their name to Tip Top Brunswick.

During their operation, they made and delivered bread all over Melbourne. The site was abandoned in 1993 and is of great historical significance to the community. In 2014 the site was developed into an award-winning residential complex.

Accolades include;

  • Winner 2016 Asia Pacific Property Award for Best Residential Development Australia
  • Winner 2015 National UDIA Award for Excellence in Urban Renewal
  • Winner 2014 Victorian UDIA Award for Excellence in Urban Renewal
  • Winner 2014 Australian Property Institute Heritage Property Award
Our role

The landscaping project was awarded to IKON Constructions, who partnered with architect Mark Jacques at OCULUS. Once they had reached the conceptual stage, they approached us.

When it came to the delivery of the project, we worked with Chris Brenchley from Living Landscapes.

We developed the fabrication methodology and detailed drawings, taking the project from concept to fabrication. We were entrusted with selecting practical materials to bring the project vision to life.

Although this marked the first time we worked with Mark Jacques and OCULUS, we have continued our partnership and have produced a variety of their designs since.

IKON Constructions had a clear vision, they wanted the furniture to pay homage to the historic site. There were two custom-designed pieces;

Bead-loaf seats and benches 

The seats were designed to pay homage to the history of the Tip Top site by resembling a loaf of bread coming through a bread-slicer. The benches were intentionally designed in the shape of a slice of bread.

Sliced Bread Tip Top Seats Loaf of bread Tip Top Seats

Bike racks

The bike racks were integrated with concrete platforms which offer multiple public seating options. The simple design was intentional, in order to not detract from the centrepiece

Tip Top Bike Rack Square Tip Top Bike Rack

Material challenges

Our expertise ensured the client was well-informed when it came to which materials would be used.

Material selection is always important, choosing the incorrect materials to suit a location of style can ruin the whole project. As you can imagine we put a great amount of thought and planning into this stage.

Initially, we planned to source large slabs of timber and specifically cut them. The issue with this method was that it had the potential to move significantly as the timber dried out.

We’re problem solvers who thoroughly enjoy a challenge, so instead opted to source slabs in glue-laminated hardwood. This provided us with a stable option that would minimise twisting and warping.

Sliced Bread Tip Top Seats

Our expertise ensured the client was able to make a well-informed decision at each stage.

Design specifications required us to bend a 20mm thick steel plate to form the ends of the bench. To complete this stage, we partnered with a large steel fabrication firm in Melbourne. They were the only company with the equipment capacity required to fold steel of this thickness that met our specifications.

The finished product

The result speaks for themselves, combining outstanding landscape design, architectural design, and craftsmanship. What we love about a project like this is the continuous collaboration between the designers and contractors on and off-site. All working together to achieve a common goal.

We’re proud of our ‘tip-top’ quality work on such a high-profile project that will be enjoyed by the community for many years to come.

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