We’re in the business of making people feel comfortable in public spaces. At our core, we’re a design-led organisation, committed to creating clean, safe and comfortable environments for everyone. Our mission? To ensure that our customers have a refreshing, worry-free user experience.

With an innovative approach and always challenging the status quo, ASCO delivers a complete experience. We take care of the design, development, manufacturing and the installation of open space solutions, alongside architects and local governments.

We’re a team of innovators, with a clear goal in mind: create a worry-free and comfortable experience for everyone. This goal is true for the customer, through to the end-user.

Everything we do is customer-driven. Listening to the needs and wants of the market, we understand what customers really want, rather than what we think they need. Combining our experience with their needs, we create innovative solutions for the whole community.

The user experience is at the core of everything we do, and we’ll always strive for perfection.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything that we do, they are;

Excellence – Superior experiences for everyone
Innovation – Revolutionising our products and the industry
Community – Putting our community first, ensuring safety & compliance
Performance – Consistently resilient products, the community can depend on

Our Story

Our journey began in Geelong, in May 2011, back then we were known as Asco Open Space Infrastructure. Prior to founding the company, brothers Lester Earl and Matthew Earl worked in the family timber business. It was here that they were exposed to the aspects of running a successful business from the ground up.

In 2006 Lester and Matthew successfully negotiated the distribution rights for GOSSI Street and Park Furniture for the state of Victoria. Initially they supplied street furniture and bollards, but quickly discovered that there was an opportunity for design-led solutions, for public transport infrastructure and public amenity buildings. More specifically, products that could be enjoyed by everyone.

As an organisation we wanted to bring a fresh, new approach, with a focus on design and accessibility. We’re firm believers that public spaces should be thoughtfully designed, making them accessible for people of all abilities. By following this approach, we want to see local areas thriving with enhanced facilities that will have a lasting, positive impact.

We’ve come from humble beginnings. As our business has grown, we’ve also outgrown our facilities. Our first premises consisted of two desks and one bay of pallet racking in an associate’s warehouse. After 12 months we made the move to our first factory, colloquially known as the “Shoebox” a small 120 m2 premises.

Back then, we outsourced a large amount of the manufacturing and fabrication. However, due to the lack of customisation and low quality, we found ourselves becoming increasingly frustrated.

Then in 2014 we moved to a larger facility equipped with our own factory, so we would have the ability to manufacture and fabricate our own products.

This step was integral to our sustainability and growth. Now we’re able to offer high quality, bespoke products that we couldn’t before.

Over the years, we’ve grown from strength to strength. Working with councils and communities Australia-wide. Whilst also collaborating with architects, designers and suppliers across the globe.

Seven years after founding the company, in May of 2018 we officially became ASCO Group.

Starting with a team of two Directors wearing many hats, now we have a diverse team including operations, design, fabrication, sales and marketing staff. As we continue to grow, so does our team.

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