Welcome to our new website

We’ve been busy…

You would have noticed some big changes around here. We’re excited to be launching our new website today which has been a long time in the making.

We approached the update and reinvigoration of our website much like we approach projects with our clients; with much thought, consideration and planning.

Our friends at Evolution Design Agency shared our vision and helped us bring it to life.


Why the new website?

As we’ve grown and matured over the years, we’ve found our niche. This has led us to develop a deeper understanding of our client’s challenges and needs. We’ve also had the opportunity to further define our organisational purpose and values.

Last year our friends at Seesaw Studio reinvigorated the ASCO brand by designing our new logo. We didn’t want to make a simple update to our website, instead, we knew it needed a complete overhaul.

Our website had served us well, but we needed a place to showcase everything that is ASCO.

The team at Evolution Design Agency worked with us to design and launch our new website.
A primary focus of the project was to highlight our Product Ranges;

  • Alpha™ (Bus Shelter Design)
  • Stellar™ (Urban Restroom Design)
  • Centaur™ (Urban Furniture Design)
  • Omega™ (Design Process Map)


What’s important to us about our new online space


Show not tell
Instead of telling you about what we’ve been up to, we wanted to show you. Our website was designed with high-quality imagery being a focal point.

Consistency is key, we needed to deliver the same message as our other lines of communication. This meant more information on our product ranges and completed projects. We also wanted a space to share our story, where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

Inspire you to see what’s possible
We wanted to create a place where you (our clients and partners) can gain inspiration from work we’ve done before, to help decide what’s next for your own projects.


We’re not done yet

We’re all about continuous improvement, so we’ll continue to add more information and content as we go.  To make sure you don’t miss out on our updates, follow us on social media or subscribe to our mailing list!