How ASCO Group is responding to COVID-19 

We’re in unprecedented times. 

Businesses across the globe are making significant operational changes in order to maintain safety for employees and the public.  

Governments Federal and State levels are putting control measures in place to flatten the curve of COVID – 19. We’re committing ourselves to these measures, as we aim to actively contribute to the national effort of containment. 

As an organisation, ASCO Group has implemented an action plan which allows us to remain open for business whilst maintaining the strict control measures required. 

This plan includes but it not limited to; site works project meetings, tender submissions and general business operations.  

We are continually monitoring all government communications and updating our plans as new information becomes available. 

Some changes that we have implemented are: 

  • Face to face meetings with clients replaced by video conferencing 
  • Client information is safely stored in a secured cloud environment enabling remote access if, and when required 
  • All staff equipped to work and communicate remotely 
  • Providing staff with accurate information so they can self-monitor for symptoms 
  • All staff are committed to personal hygiene and hand sanitisation (including social distancing) throughout the workday and in their private lives 
  • Staff will report any COVID-19 potential contact and the staff member will self-isolate as required 
  • Continuous project monitoring to maintain ontime completions. Should delays occur due to external forces these will be immediately communicated with appropriate solutions put in place.  

As an organisation, we understand that it is our responsibility to keep our employees, clients and contractors safe.
We do not take this lightly and will be reevaluating our approach each time more information on COVID-19 becomes available.  

We wholeheartedly hope that everyone is staying healthy and safe during this time. 


If you’d like accurate and up to date information on the pandemic, we’ve been keeping an eye on the government DHHS website here.

Should you have any questions or just want to chat, feel free to contact us here.