Centaur® Range

Urban Shelter Design

The Centaur® range of park shelters can be best described as a work of art. The range is comprised of timeless and classic designs that will not only enhance open spaces but transform them into outdoor entertainment settings.

Every park shelter from the Centaur® range is designed with precision and built with the highest level of craftsmanship. This ensures the ultimate experience in comfort, durability, and aesthetic.

The Centaur® range is developed using sound and unique manufacturing processes ensuring structural integrity. The entire range consists of beautiful furniture that’s able to withstand the rigours of public interaction and activity.

The Centaur® range of park shelters are comprised of three different styles designed to accommodate a vast range of climate, budget and location requirements.

The updated Centaur® range was launched in July 2020 and can be supplied in kit form or assembled on-site by ASCO.

Detailed shelter specifications and customisation options are included in the below downloadable product flyers.

                Centaur® C1000 Flyer                                        Request Centaur® C2000 Specifications                                Centaur® C3000 Flyer  


You can view our the Tip Top project from our Centaur® range here

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