Case Study: Curlew Community Park Toilet Building

The Project Overview:
In late 2018, we were approached by Martyn Zdanius of Land Projects to supply and install a Stellar® S2020 Toilet Building at Epsom Reserve in Laverton, Victoria. This project was completed in August 2019 as part of a Hobsons Bay City Council redevelopment including renaming the reserve to Curlew Community Park.

This redevelopment was initiated after a thorough community consultation facilitated by Hobsons Bay City Council in 2015. Key considerations for the development were open spaces and pedestrian links.

The Particulars:
Location – Curlew Community Park, Epsom St, Laverton
Client – Hobsons Bay City Council
Landscape Contractor – JMAC Constructions
Landscape Architect – Martyn Zdanius, Land Projects

Curlew Park Toilet Building Front Shot

Council determined that a toilet building would also be required to accommodate the anticipated increase in usage due to the development. ASCO supplied a Stellar® toilet building from our S2020 range, equipped with two unisex stalls plus storage and service areas at the rear of the building to aid in the ongoing maintenance required.

Landscape side view - Curlew Park Toilet Building

We were entrusted to bring the concept to life, with a cost-effective and durable facility, that met the ASCO standard. We developed the original concept and following that, constructed the building in our factory for transportation to site to complete the installation.

The initial 3D concept                                                 The final product
3D Concept - Curlew Park Toilet BuildingFinal Product - Curlew Park Toilet Building

The materials:
The external cladding used in this building was compressed fibre cement panels. The sides of the building were clad with 40 x 30 mm of Enviroslat, a Wood Plastic Composite Batten. These materials were used to provide a low maintenance and cost-effective alternative to timber that won’t require ongoing treatment and therefore ongoing costs.

Curlew Public Toilet Drawing - Side View

We took care to remove any gaps caused by corrugated cladding, in addition the use of flat internal cladding provided a stronger foundation for the sanitary and washroom fittings. Both measures ensure long-term cost savings due to lower ongoing maintenance costs.

The challenges:
Whilst there were challenges on site relating to the soil conditions, the Stellar® S2020 toilet building was delivered and installed on schedule, without any unexpected costs or time delays.

Curlew Public Toilet - Angle Shot

The mural:
A distinctive feature of this toilet building is the mural on the rear of the building. The council was looking for a design that would reflect the natural environment of the area and contracted Melbourne based artist Ness Flett. Ness has completed a variety of artworks for local councils and came highly recommended.

Curlew Public Toilet Mural

Prior to Ness painting the mural, the wall was prepared with a base coat and after the mural was complete an anti-graffiti coating was also applied for further protection.

It was this mural that inspired the renaming of the park from Epsom Reserve to Curlew Community Park. The name references the Curlew Sandpiper, a medium-sized shorebird that frequents wetlands in large flocks.

The result:
The final product was the result of a meticulously planned and collaborative approach between all contractors involved. We’re proud to have been part of such an important development that will benefit the community and their new public space for years to come.

In December 2019, a celebration was held to officially open the new and improved community space.

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