How we turned a logistical challenge into an innovation

Unique challenges require unique solutions (innovation)

We’re a team of problem solvers and innovators, we love finding solutions that solve public space challenges to bring communities together.

In 2019 Ausland Landscaping came to us with a unique project, to build an intricate shelter at Saltwater Estate in Point Cook. The structure had been designed by Prue Baulch and Hillary McLeish of Tract Consultants. It was unique and detailed, and we were excited to be part of such a bespoke project.

There was one key challenge that presented itself quite early in the design phase, stormwater treatment. The structure would consist of two large leaf-shaped roof structures which were to be stabilised by four columns, two columns for each leaf.


A central box gutter was required but hadn’t been addressed during the design phase. The addition of other elements would impact on the design intent and would ultimately detract from the intricate design of the structure.
Due to the location of the structure, a variety of weather conditions were expected throughout the year. Effective stormwater management was essential to ensure safety and durability.

The key question was: How do you stay within design guidelines whilst providing complex stormwater management?

Our solution: Incorporate the box gutter and downpipe into the fabricated structural members!


How we achieved it

Whilst managing stormwater, the four columns would also need to support the weight of the two structures. If the downpipe would be placed at the centre of each column, it would need to be executed to perfection or the structural integrity would be compromised. This was critical because the stormwater was draining out through a critical support column.

We ensured the structure would remain safe and the stormwater managed effectively by conducting a complex and detailed design analysis. This process involved the designers, engineers and fabricators to ensure there was no margin for error.

The below image shows the intricate designs which required the utmost precision.

To ensure the stormwater management would be effective, it was decided that the size of the columns would be increased. This would ensure they would be sturdy enough to support rainfall and the structures, regardless of the weather condition.
When working on bespoke projects like this, our primary concern is delivering on design intent. A considerable amount of time has gone into creating and refining the concept, so it’s essential to make sure it’s executed with the utmost accuracy.
“We invest time during the design phase because it has a direct impact on the construction program, quality outcomes and ultimately customer satisfaction.” – Matthew Earl, Co-Founder.


The end result

Our innovative approach allowed us to deliver on design intent and supply a product that we’re truly proud of. The planning and collaborative approach was integral to our success and ensured the everyone was happy with the end result.
Our extensive design process allowed us to accurately predict timelines and logistics. Ensuring the structure was erected in a timely manner to the satisfaction of architects, developers and head contractor.

You can see our ‘in progress’ Instagram post about the project below:


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This unique solution is one that we’ll think fondly of for many years to come.

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