Saltwater Estate

Omega™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Ausland Landscaping/Tract ConsultantsSaltwater Estate, Point Cook, Victoria2020Omega™Steel & Timber

Client Problem:

Saltwater Estate is a residential housing estate located in Point Cook, just 30 km North of the Melbourne CBD.

Stage 8 and 9 of the Saltwater Estate development in Point Cook was nearing completion and landscape designs were being formed for the wetland areas. It was determined that a bespoke structure was required to offer shade near the park, garden and play areas.

A modular timber platform and seating would also be required, to give the community the opportunity to sit and enjoy the surrounding wetlands.



Concept designs specified that the shelter would be made up of two roof structures resembling the shape of two leaves. One roof would be permeable and the other would be solid, they would both be supported by steel columns. The number of columns used would be kept to a minimum, to ensure the structure was aesthetically pleasing and stayed true to design.

The seating and modular platform would both be constructed from timber, with the initial design already drafted.



The head contractor for the project was Ausland Landscaping.
ASCO was contracted by Ausland to design, manufacture and install the structure.



A key challenge with the Saltwater Estate project was the stormwater management, it was complex as a central box gutter was required and a downpipe could only be placed at the centre of a column.

Due to the height profile of the roof structure, falls needed to be kept to a minimum. As there were only two columns per shelter, a complex design analysis was required as this structural element was used to house the downpipe.

These challenges were successfully managed by ASCO’s highly skilled structural design team resulting in a successful outcome for the client.



The project was awarded in August 2019 and was completed in April 2020.

The design process required thorough attention to detail and was finalised over a period of 10 weeks, this approach involved the client and a variety of consultants working together as a team.

The result was a breathtaking shelter for the Saltwater community, bringing the clients vision to life whilst ensuring structural integrity.

The structure will be an asset to the Point Cook community for many years to come.


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