Omega™ Range

Design Process Map

Why Omega

Each piece from the Omega™ range has its own personality, stemming from the intricate detail in their design. The Omega™ range is crafted using a methodology proven to deliver design-led, unique structures whilst adhering to budget constraints and deadlines. This full-cycle and comprehensive process brings project visions to life whilst delivering on goals and objectives.


The Methodology

The Omega™ Methodology has been created using 10 years of research and development coupled with expertise and refinement. The methodology is applied through strict quality guidelines ensuring precision which is essential when bringing such detailed and intricate designs to life.


We work with you from the very beginning, building a deep understanding of your project before refining and developing your vision. Our goal is to turn your ideas, excitement and inspiration into a beautiful and bespoke product.

During a project discovery meeting, we work to develop a deep understanding of your project purpose, requirements, limitations and considerations.

This process includes an in-depth analysis of the project where we take into consideration site conditions, construction methodologies, environmental and safety precautions and best practice for materials, finishes and outcomes.


Taking into account all factors identified throughout the discovery, we will enter the design phase. This process will include the application of CPTED principals and innovative architectural design.

We have our own in-house designers that take care of this component from start to finish, or we can work collaboratively with your team to complete the designs and drawings.

This process will include the selection of materials and in some cases 3D prototyping in consultation with your team and the project brief.


Our highly skilled fabricators will bring your vision to life in ASCO’s Geelong factory in a controlled factory environment, minimising the potential for any unexpected on-site delays.

Sustainable materials will be sourced where possible, ensuring that natural resources are preserved.

All elements are inspected for quality and compliance, whilst undergoing rigorous testing and quality control measures.


Once completed, the structure will be taken to site for installation. Our modular construction methodology is applied to all our products, this includes our custom project designs. We complete as much work off-site as is practical, which reduces risk and gives greater control over the quality of the finished product.

This process also results in limited time required on-site, simplifying the installation and handover process. Upon handover we offer a complimentary annual maintenance audit, ensuring your investment remains in premium condition for its lifespan.

Working collaboratively throughout the entire project ensures a consistent stream of communication and above all else, a successful outcome.


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