Baden Powell Public Toilet & Custom Shelters

Stellar® Range

The designers of Baden Powell Reserve, one of Wyndham City Council’s premier parks, were searching for something special. Asco was able to interpret and deliver the custom designs prepared by Enlocus Landscape Architects incorporating lighting and drainage. Dealing with curves and angles is never easy, however Asco’s design team invested many hours preparing life sized prototypes from core flute to assist with the drafting and fabrication process before any steel was processed.

Asco’s proprietary Stellar™ restroom building system was adapted to suit the custom design. Integrated lighting is a feature of the restroom and the cantilever shelters which are located over the skate park, and other zones where the public are free to relax while caring for children of all ages as they enjoy this creative play space. CLIENT: Wyndham City Council DESIGNER: Michael Wright – Enlocus.

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