Omega™ at work on Brickworks Shelter

The Project:

The Omega ™ Methodology has given us the opportunity to work on some incredible projects.

Last year we manufactured and installed a striking timber shelter at the Brickworks site in Burwood, Victoria.

Burwood Brickworks is home to the world’s most sustainable shopping complex, hosting 40 local and national retailers. The thoughtfully designed centre is located 14 km east of the Melbourne CBD and features outdoor play sculptures, open spaces, courtyard gardens and farm to table eateries.

The Burwood Brickworks site required a bespoke shelter to connect the outdoor and indoor spaces. This project was an ASCO favourite, due to the unique design and complexity of the structure.

Initial Designs:

Landscape architect Ed Billings from MDG Landscape Architects in Melbourne came up with the designs for the structure.

The Structure would be made from hot-dip galvanized and painted steel while the feature shade elements would be constructed from timber.

Omega™ Brickworks Drawing

The timber ceiling being the feature, required the utmost care and precision without any room for error. Even the slightest deviation from the design would be obvious to the naked eye. This required a keen eye and meticulous attention to detail.

Omega™ Brickworks Drawing 2

We were appointed by head contractor Peco Constructions to manufacture and install the intricate shelter. We were tasked with bringing the overall vision to life. The timber ceiling being intricate, and complex would have the biggest visual impact upon completion. It needed to be true to design but also stand the test of time both visually and structurally.

Omega™ Brickworks Drawing 3

Our Process:

1. Drafting

The extensive drafting process required the resolution of clashes in materials. The design process included 6 sets of revisions to achieve the desired outcome. This process saw us working with the designer to make changes as required.

2. Modifications

The timber initially specified was 400mm x 75mm, however, the thickest timber available in kiln dried is 50mm. If the timber isn’t dried in a kiln it’s not as stable and can move, crack, twist and shrink.

Omega™ Brickworks Construction

With the timber being the focal point of the structure; we couldn’t risk deterioration as that would compromise the product. To resolve this issue, we chose to use smaller timber (290 x 45 mm) and lowered the ceiling joists by 100 mm to get the intended result both visually and structurally.

3. Testing

We hadn’t completed a project quite like this one, there was a great deal of planning involved to make sure it would live up to the designs. We created a few life-sized prototypes first to make sure the pattern would repeat and join as intended. Had we not taken these tests it would have been a significant investment and risk.

Brickworks Prototype Testing

4. Fabrication

The fabrication was quite straight forward but required a lot of consideration when it came to methodologies used. To prevent any distortion in the steel or timber; the fabrication team planned and strategized to ensure every detail was considered.

5. Assembly and Installation

The steel was hot-dip galvanized and painted off-site, before being sent to site for assembly and installation. The roof was assembled on-site and then lifted into position.

Brickworks Material DeliveryOmega™ Brickworks Shelter Assembly

The installation was seamless, and it was rewarding to see all elements line up perfectly. The installation process was completed without any complications.

Omega™ Brickworks Shelter Assembly 2

As always, communication was key. A collaborative process between the designer, architect, and project manager.

Finished Product:

The result was a stunning, intricate, and practical structure that will service the Burwood Brickworks community. Not only is this shelter beautiful to look at but it’s Australian made with high-quality local materials which will stand the test of time.


Omega™ Brickworks Shelter Professional Omega™ Brickworks Shelter Professional 2 Omega™ Brickworks Shelter Professional 3

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