Cloverlea Estate

Omega™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Flemings LandscapesChirnside Park, Yarra Valley, Victoria2016Omega™Hardwood Timber

Client Problem:

Cloverlea Estate, a new residential redevelopment of the old Chirnside Park Country Club Golf Course was being built to accommodate the growing population of the rural area. Cloverlea being a new housing estate required timber shelters to offer shades to residents within the park.



The shelters needed to be solid, durable and aesthetically pleasing. They also needed to be constructed of sustainably sourced Australian hardwood timber. Built-in seating made for the same material was also required.



Flemings Landscapes was contracted to manage the landscaping of parks and recreational areas within the development.

ASCO was contracted to design and construct these custom shelters as part of the project.



Due to the use of heavy timber, each column weighed 600kg, this presented a challenge in the manufacturing and assembly of the shelter. All the shelter components were machined, pre-drilled and jointed with precision in the ASCO factory, simplifying the installation process. The team then pre-assembled the shelter in sections on the ground and then lifted it into position.



This project was broken into three stages, the first being completed in 2015, the second was completed in 2017 and the final stage completed in 2018.

The result was a great space for the residents of Cloverlea to enjoy the parks and open spaces within their community. Due to the successful result of the project, ASCO has gone on to complete several other shelters within the Estate.


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