Elsternwick Park

Stellar® Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Bayside City CouncilElsternwick Park (Bent Avenue), Brighton Victoria2018Stellar®Aluminum, steel

Client Problem:

Bayside city council needed to decommission and demolish an existing toilet block which was not fit for public use. A new facility would be required to accommodate the community and visitors to the park.



Bayside City Council had prepared architectural drawings by Ardent Architects to ensure consistency throughout all their facilities.

The specifications and measurements provided were to be used as a guide only, it was ASCO’s responsibility to ensure that the building was constructed in accordance with relevant codes and standards. This included the structural design and certification.



Ardent Architects were contracted to design a standardised restroom compliant with council requirements.

ASCO was tasked with bringing the architects vision to life whilst ensuring longevity of the facility given the salty climate.



Bayside Council is located on the eastern coastline of Port Phillip Bay, we needed to ensure longevity of infrastructure in the salty, seaside environment. We did this through a detailed evaluation of the location, climate and materials.

During this process we provided improvements to the structure based on our expertise of public amenities buildings.

Prior to commencing, our team identified deterioration on pre-existing buildings and were able to offer Bayside CC solutions to extend the lifecycle of these buildings.



We were awarded the contract by Bayside in May 2018 and the facility was open to the public in July of the same year.



We adapted our Stellar® public restroom system to bring the architects design and vision to life.

Our prefabricated Stellar® building system meant that the building could be prepared simultaneously to the demolition and civil works. This resulted in an efficient on-site installation resulting in less on-site activity and disruption.

The result is a beautiful and functional facility heavily utilised by the Brighton community and visitors alike. This building will stand the test of time in the climate and service the community for years to come.