Kyneton Botanic Gardens

Stellar® Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Macedon Ranges Shire CouncilKyneton, Victoria2017Stellar®Steel


Client Problem:

The Kyneton Botanic Gardens are located within the Macedon Ranges, approximately 87 km North-West of the Melbourne CBD.

The Macedon Ranges Shire required an amenities facility and shelter to accompany a newly constructed adventure playground within the Kyneton Botanic Gardens. The existing facilities were deemed to be unfit for public use. Whilst there are other toilets within the gardens, there were none within the vicinity of the newly constructed playground.



Existing toilets would need to be demolished, removed and replaced with new, upgraded facilities. The new amenities building would need to have a gable roof design and reflect the historical elements of the site.

There would need to be a large service area, to house additional equipment such as tanks, pumps and controls for the water play area in the park. This service area would also need to have enough room to hold service equipment for the toilets.



A key logistical challenge was that the location of the site was a significant distance from paved access roads. This presented a challenge when it came to the demolition of the old building prior to the construction of the new one. This required careful consideration and meticulous planning when it came to logistics and material handling.

Another challenge was that the construction would need to take place during the wet winter months, due to modular construction methods, this weather had little impact the construction schedule.



The existing toilets were unsuitable for public use, the design team at ASCO were able to adopt the Stellar® modular building system accompanied with a larger roof structure to provide both an amenities building and BBQ Shelter under one roof.

The project ran for 6 months and included initial design meetings, demolition and finally, the construction and connections. During this time, we collaborated with other trades on site responsible for the playground installation and landscaping works.

Overall, the different upgrades in the gardens are great additions to the Kyneton community for both locals and visitors alike. Throughout the hot Victorian summer, the water park provides great fun and relief from the heat, whilst the restroom offers ongoing amenity, shelter and BBQ facilities for the community.


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