Mandalay Park

Omega™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
JMAC ConstructionsBeveridge, Victoria2015Omega™Steel, laminated timber


Client Problem:

Mandalay Park located in Beverage, Victoria 55 km North of the Melbourne CBD. The surrounding areas have been undergoing residential development to keep up with Victoria’s demand for housing over recent years.

Newland Developments were building the Mandalay Estate located at Mandalay Park, a resort-style residential development on the northern fringe of Melbourne. Even though the estate was being built on a golf course, a park for the residents was required.



The structure would be curved and include a tapered tray roof decking supported by laminated timber beams. Reid bar concrete slab tensioners would also be required for growing climbing plants.



JMAC Constructions was the head contractor and led all components of the project for developer Newland.

The Architect chosen for the project was Nick Rose from Urban Edge Landscape Architects, who was responsible for the design of the structure.

ASCO was contracted to finalise shop drawings, civil works, manufacture and install the custom shelter and arbour.



The shape and curve of the structure the roof decking would need to be entirely custom made. This required meticulous planning to guarantee accuracy, any deviation in measurements would result in a refabrication.



The result was a functional space for the Beveridge community and visitors alike, ensuring they have a comfortable place to congregate. Since it’s opening, the space has been embraced by the community and visitors.


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