Moorabool Shire

Alpha™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Moorabool ShireVarious locations throughout the shire2018 - CurrentAlpha™Aluminium


Client Problem:

Moorabool Shire is located 70 km north of the Geelong CBD and includes areas such as Mount Egerton, Ballan, Greendale, Blackwood and Bacchus Marsh.

The 2017 Moorabool Shire Transportation Strategy highlighted a need for investment in shelters for key bus routes within the shire. A key consideration was to find a shelter that would be robust, minimize vandalism opportunities and offer a long-lasting, low maintenance solution for the council.



The structure would be fabricated from Aluminum and supplied in a powder-coated finish. It was decided to use a custom aluminium screen which was half perforated and half solid. This afforded suitable weather protection whilst retaining visibility through the shelter for safety and CPTED principles.

The roof is constructed using structural insulated roof panels and the shelter is height adjustable so that it can be installed on slopes.



ASCO was appointed as the head contractor and was responsible for the design, supply and installation of the shelters. ASCO also managed the traffic management and safety, logistics and handling, and installation of the shelters.



Having control of the design process, our team endeavour to approach challenges at this early stage to ensure a smooth installation process. Ironing out potential problems makes for a seamless installation process.



These custom-designed shelters have been supplied on an ‘as needed’ basis to the council since 2018.

ASCO worked with Moorabool Shire Council to create a new bus shelter design that would cater to their requirements. Providing commuters of all abilities with adequate weather protection whilst utilising the public transport system in Bacchus Marsh and surrounds.


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