Alpha™ Range

Bus Shelter Design

The ASCO Alpha™ Bus Shelters are constructed from high-quality, durable Aluminium. The Alpha™ range is not subject to rust deterioration like other materials are prone to be.

The powder coat finish is superior to hot-dip galvanising and painted surfaces. Creating a smoother and less abrasive finish for increased user comfort.

The Alpha™ range of bus shelters are customisable with the most popular options including;

  • Solar power lighting
  • Intelligent signage (including real-time passenger information and advertising)
  • Laminated glass panels
  • Perforated aluminum sheet panels
  • Range of fixed bench seating alternatives
  • Graffiti Resistant Powder Coat

The Alpha™ range of Bus Shelters are available in four different models, accommodating both standardised and customised sizing options.

Detailed information on the different models can be found by downloading the brochures below:

             Alpha™ A1000                                          Alpha™ A2000                      Request Alpha™ A3000 Specifications          Alpha™ A4000

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