Alpha™ Range

Bus Shelter Design

Why Alpha™

Our Alpha™ Range of premium bus shelters is the result of 15 years’ worth of research and development by our team of experts. All bus shelters within the range have been designed by our engineer for categories A & B, ensuring its been built to withstand all weather conditions.

The ASCO Alpha™ Range of bus shelters are constructed from high-quality, durable Aluminium. The Alpha™ range is not subject to rust deterioration like other materials are prone to be, making them a low-maintenance solution. This is particularly important in coastal environments where rust can occur at a rapid rate.

The powder coat finish over aluminium offers a smoother and less abrasive finish for increased user comfort whilst also simplifying graffiti removal.

Alpha™ shelters are designed to withstand the diverse Australian climate, offering communities with a robust, comfortable and long-standing solution. All shelters from the Alpha™ Range are DDA complaint and accessible ensuring everyone can be comfortable whilst utilising public transport.



The Alpha™ range is customisable however the standard size seats four with space for one wheelchair. This equates to a minimum internal space of 3.0 m x 0.9 m.

Overall dimensions differ according to the style of bus shelter selected. The Alpha™ range can be customised to a variety of capacity requirements.


Customisation options

The Alpha™ range is customisable with the most popular additions including;

  • Solar power lighting
  • Intelligent signage (including real-time passenger information and advertising)
  • Laminated glass panels
  • Perforated aluminium sheet panels
  • Range of fixed bench seating alternatives
  • Graffiti Resistant Powder Coat

The Alpha™ range of bus shelters are available in four different models, accommodating both standardised and customised sizing options.

All Alpha™ shelters are prefabricated in a controlled factory environment, shelters arrive on-site 100% assembled and take a maximum of 4 hours to install. This process ensures minimal logistical challenges that come with conducting works on-site. The cost of installation is included in the quote.


Flyer Downloads

Detailed information on the different models can be found by downloading the brochures below:


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