Summerhill Estate

Omega™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Ausland LandscapingSummerhill Estate, Wollert, Victoria2014Omega™Timber, Steel

Client Problem:

Peet Limited was building a housing estate in Wollert, Victoria,  a small town located just 40km north of the Melbourne CBD. Within the housing estate there would also be parks and amenities built for the residents and their visitors to use.

It was determined that a shelter was required, to complement the outdoor space for the community of Summerhill Estate in Wollert, Victoria. This would enable them to have protection from the sun as they enjoyed the outdoor spaces in the warmer months.



The shelter was designed by CDA Design Group in keeping with the design theme throughout the Summerhill Estate Development.



Ausland Landscaping was the head contractor on the project, once designs and plans were complete they contracted ASCO to bring their vision to life.

ASCO was contracted to manufacture and install the structure as part of the landscaping component of the estate.



The design had some complex elements to it, due to the assembly of four large roof panels. Due to our modular construction philosophies, the structure was erected in a very short timeframe.

Prefabrication ensures quality control and reduces the time required for site-works.



ASCO delivered the shelter in accordance with the original timeframe partnering with Ausland to deliver a quality outcome on time. The result was an eye-catching and functional structure allowing the community of Summerhill Estate to enjoy the surround outdoor space.

It’s standing the test of time and has been heavily utilised by the local community and visitors since it’s opening in 2014.


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