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Ace Contractors for Wyndham City CouncilWerribee, Victoria2020Omega™Steel


Client Problem:

Wyndham Park is part of Wyndham City Council, located 34 km west of the Melbourne CBD and includes suburbs such as Werribee, Hoppers Crossing, Point Cook and Tarneit.

Wyndham City Council identified a need to upgrade the riverside precinct and convert it into a vibrant and friendly community space. This project included a variety of upgrades and works at Wyndham Park, including play equipment, shade structures, BBQ facilities and other amenities.

This iconic public space required shade structures of equal presence.

This project was part of the Wyndham City Project with $13 million in funding and was completed in June 2020. You can find out more about the project here.



The Wyndham Park structure would be made from steel with a durable, industrially painted finish.
Sheltered areas would include LED lighting and downpipes would be concealed inside the steel columns.

The structure would have a 6.0 m cantilever and measure over 50 meters in length.



ACE Contractors were the head contractor for the project.

ASCO was engaged by Ace Contractors to fabricate and install the structure.

Nelson Gomes from AECOM was the landscape architect on the project and created the concept designs for the shelter structures.

ARUP were the design consultants that established the fundamental design parameters and considerations for the project.



The structure was designed to be effective for its primary use, providing adequate shelter over the picnic areas. At the same time, we had to consider how the structure would perform under human and environmental elements.

Another challenge was the treatment of the stormwater and provision of electrical services for lighting, these would need to be concealed from potential vandals.

The cultural overlay meant that foundations had to be redesigned to avoid deep excavations. A change was made to a screw pile and concrete pier cap footing design.

Whilst considering environmental and cultural elements, we needed to plan for pavement design levels, cross falls, and minimum clearance heights overhead.

The precinct is of great cultural significance to the Wadawurrung people, the land is also home to protected species such as the platypus. The native vegetation within the area is also protected, this meant that additional care and consideration also needed to be taken during the installation.



The park redevelopment in its entirety was a 12-month project, which commenced in early 2019. ASCO was engaged in April of 2019 and worked in with ACE Contractors schedule to complete the first structure prior to Christmas, the second and main structure was installed in early 2020.

The result is an impressive and iconic structure that complements the landscape. As always, it is finished with ASCO’s trademark signature of quality meaning that the client can have confidence that the structure will be useful and not be an ongoing maintenance burden.

The project required a collaborative approach with Ace Contractors, Wyndham City Council, AECOM and ARUP to achieve a successful outcome.

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