Yorkdale Estate

Omega™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Costa Property GroupDelacombe, Ballarat, Victoria2016Omega™Steel, Recycled Plastic

Client Problem:

Costa Developments were building the Yorkdale Estate for residents and the community of Delacombe and required a playground and open space area for the community.

The client needed a custom shelter, jetty and side platform to accompany the playground.

With the competition of many other residential developments in the western suburbs of Ballarat, Costa’s wanted a captivating centrepiece for Yorkdale Estate to attract new buyers.

The central park presented a drawcard opportunity and required distinctive landscape structures and play elements to make a bold statement.



The client required a shelter to offer protection against weather elements and a jetty and side platform to complete the playground and community space.



Local architect Heidi Mikulic from Thomson Hay Landscape Architects designed the playground and accompanying elements.

ASCO was contracted to bring Heidi’s vision for the space to life.

The shelter design selected was created by ASCO’s Head of Business Development and design manager, Matthew Earl. The design had been drafted earlier and Thomson Hay worked with ASCO to further develop the structure.

ASCO designed and constructed the shelter, jetty, and slide platform.



Key challenges on the project included extremely wet weather which hampered access for construction plant and machinery.

There was a lot of rock beneath the surface that we had to contend with. Either working around it and redesigning the footings or removing it.

Building the shelter on a curve added extra complexity to the set-out. Cast-in hold down bolts had to be installed with utmost precision.

The harsh Ballarat climate also presented some challenges for the team, however



We were awarded the project in February of 2016 and it was completed and handed over to the client in June of the same year.

The result was a unique, welcoming, and functional space for residents and visitors. This space has been enjoyed by the community of Delacombe since 2016 and continues to be a well utilised asset.

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