Public Toilet Design, Melbourne

Our own less than ideal experiences have inspired us to focus on form and function when working with architects and communities to create Public Toilet Design for Melbourne.

Welcoming. Safe. And Sustainable.
While these words are not usually associated with the toilet at ASCO we very proudly associate those words with everything we do.

Our trademarked Stellar® urban restroom design is a specialty at ASCO. For over 10 years our team of experts have taken every opportunity to develop sustainable, welcoming and safe amenities buildings.

We have taken enormous pride in our part in the revolution in urban equipment design and installation. Gone are the days of urban equipment being an after thought. We recognise and celebrate the importance of public spaces being attractive, accessible and welcoming to all.

Our bespoke buildings empower communities to feel confident and safe when using public facilities; while designing for a comfortable user experience, benefits the facilities managers with easier cleaning processes and less maintenance.

Contact us here to discuss your toilet design needs. Well look forward to speaking with you.