Burwood Brickworks

Omega™ Range

ClientLocationYear CompletedRange FeaturedMaterials Used
Peco Constructions Pty Ltd (Head Contractor)Burwood Brickworks, Burwood, Victoria2019Omega™Steel, timber

Client Problem:
The Brickworks site in Burwood Victoria is home to the world’s most sustainable shopping centre hosting 40 local and national retailers. With housing developments underway in the area, the client identified a need for public space infrastructure to connect the outdoor courtyard with the retail precinct.


The project included the construction of two customised shelters, seating and decking.


Burwood Brickworks named Peco Constructions Pty Ltd as the head contractor for the development, who then contracted ASCO to design and construct two shelters, seating and decking.

The designer for the project was Ed Billings at MDG Landscape Architects in Melbourne. Ed delivered the preliminary drawings and concept for the structures and accompanying elements; it was up to ASCO to bring these designs and the overall concept to life.

We were able to achieve this through design by utilising the Omega™ methodology to problem solve and adjust specifications and materials where required. The drafting process was extensive, consisting of six sets of revisions to ensure the intricate design of the shelter would translate perfectly into the finished product.


A key challenge on this project was in the intricate design and specified materials.
Initially it was specified that the timber be 400mm x 75mm, however, the thickest timber available in kiln-dried is 50mm. To avoid any potential distortion or unsatisfactory finish the specifications needed to be revaluated.

This resulted in modified drawings to allow for the use timber measuring 290 x 45 mm. Working collaboratively with the client and designer was integral to these changes and the overall success of this project.

ASCO was able to utilise its proprietary Omega™ methodology and customise the exterior to meet the designer’s vision.



ASCO was first approached by Peco Constructions Pty Ltd in March 2019 and the project was completed in November of the same year. The result was a beautifully intricate structure and accompanying decking to serve the Brickworks community.

This stunning structure has been opened to the public since 5 December 2019. Offering high-quality shelter for residents, shoppers, diners and commuters in the area.

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